Setting SkyLight intensity


I’m trying to increase the intensity of my skylight by a small amount, but it keeps reverting back to the default (1,0 cd/m2). When I try to use the slider, it increases by a huge amount, and everything in the scene turns into a collapsed sun:

I’ve tried pasting in the value that I want, but as soon as I tab away from the field it reverts back to the default value. Is there something I’m missing?

Hey there, what version of UE4 are you using?

I’m using 4.21.2

@MrMiyagi99 Are you using a product that is connected to the skylight ( for instance ultra dynamic sky )?

I agree the slider is very sensitive…

Sorry, I’m still very new to UE4. All I did so far was to drag a sky light in with a directional light, and then I tried to set the sky lights intensity.

I’ve upgraded to version 4.22.3 and the slider is still very sensitive, but now I’m able to enter whatever value I want, so the problem has been sorted out.