Setting screen resolution only works the first time..

I’m setting my screen resolution with r.SetRes 640*1136f in an Execute Console Command, and it only functions the first time I run it (in a new editor window).

The second time I run the game, by just hitting the play button right away after I quit the game the first time, the resolution goes back to what I believe is default… why is this?

I’ve looked through TappyChicken and it does have an Execute Console Command that’s doing this but it’s been switched off for some reason.

I’ve also tried to set setRes in the Device Profile Editor but no luck.

I see a lot of posts saying various things about what the recommended procedure is, but I’m thinking that might’ve changed over the versions.

All I really want right now is to have my resolution set to iPhone5 res no matter how I run it for dev reasons so setting it once will be fine for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It won’t stay to what you set it as without saving it, i suggest you either look into blueprint saving or have a good look through your project settings, im sure there is somewhere in there that sets the default resoultion.
Best of luck.

I think resolutions can be found under quick settings. You can determine the settings of windowed and standalone (I think).

Thanks for the input! Quick settings only show resolution scale as far as I can see, which is not the same thing. There’s .ini files that might work but I’m not sure if that’s how you’re meant to set it… It’s good to know what I’m seeing is the expected behaviour anyway, I’ll take a look closer at blueprint saving, I’m guessing you mean one has to save off the resolution into a string or something and then load that variable at OnBegin (or similar) and set an Execute Console Command from that loaded variable? Just to be clear we’re not talking about another functionality altogether when it comes to actually setting the resolution.

Thanks again!

Took me a while to digest what you meant by res scale. But now I understand. You wanted exact pixel width & height.

You are right, you can’t do that with quick setting.

:slight_smile: Yea maybe I wasn’t clear enough there - thanks for looking into it though. Since I haven’t gotten a direct answer yet feel free to post further help. If I figure it out I’ll post here.

One of the UMG videos went through an example of setting the resolutions in an in game menu created using UMG. Try that maybe?

If I find the video again I will add the URL.

I think it may have been in this twitch broadcast that I saw it: