Setting Rotation

Hello everyone,

So I am making a spaceship game as just some practice in UE4 :slight_smile: Now I want to make the spaceship rotate using the mouse and a gamepad right stick… I tried as best as I could in blueprints to get this working but I have no idea what im doing wrong? Here’s what I got so far

Thanks everyone!


Axis Value has a value between 0 and 1 so you SET a YAW Vector of maximum of 1 degree (not realy visible). Try multiply your axis output by for example 20 and maybe use roll input.

I do the same in my game with a little spaceship. I controll it directly so I use world location and set world rotation but it should be the same.

OK so I think im getting there i removed the Mouse Y and Gamepad Right Y in the project input, and I also added the multiplication to the blueprint function. It’s semi working but it when I rotate the ship it twitches back into it’s original position. Is there anyway to make the Rotation just follow the mouse and gamepad stick position? Looking for the same effect as Geometry Wars :slight_smile:

Well I don’ know Geometry Wars but Set Actor Rotation does exact that. If you let the Stick go the multiply is 0 and therefore your SET Rotation is 0. You maybe want to play around with add rotation but as I said I don’t know Geometry Wars so I dont realy know what you want to achieve.

Try to achieve something like this rotation.