Setting rotation not working

As the top states the setting of rotation of respawning clients is not working at all. i get my player start gets its rotation get its x vector then get its rotation from x vector and set that to the spawn actor transform and it will not set the rotation it always keeps the old rotation. the same method for grabbing the location also does not work when just setting the rotation of the actor as well. heres a few images of my setup if someone could help me out with this that would be great thanks.

Sounds like the target reference is wrong for set actor rotation. A fooreachloop in that actor class might need a condition check

no the target reference is correct because the player moves to the location as needed with the set location, but the rotation is another thing. the rotation just does not set. I have tested that if you add to your base rotation it will rotate my character by 90 degrees, but issue is if you walk back wards thru the portal or side ways it will rotate you based on direction your facing. I’ve ran many test on this and still have not come up with a solution to properly rotate a player to face the same rotation as the player start or spawn point that they are set to.

I am not sure what you mean but maybe a stored variable that will be set just before the player enter the portal and then get it when it spawns to the new location? The variable should then be a local rotation and not world…

no im talking about setting the control rotation of the player. i do not store any values. after my player spawns into a spawn room. they can go through a portal which will then move them to a spawn point on the map. problem is, is that if the player were top go through the portal backwards they would spawn in that direction and not the direction of the spawn point’s x vector is facing. When i try to set the player control rotation with the rotation from x vector of the spawn point it self it does nothing at all. it will not set this rotation. the only difference in rotation that i can get is if i add a value to the players current rotation then they will rotate a bit. but setting it directly does not work at all.