Setting Relative Position Of Children Causes Root Transform To Glitch Out

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The AnswerHub post has a lot more info, so i suggest you go look at it if what i post here doesn’t make sense.

Basically when I manually change the transform of the child of the Root while im Playing In Editor, it causes the Root’s transform to glitch out, setting it to completely random values.

Something to keep in mind is that the child that im manually changing the transform of, has children itself, and its children are, every frame, setting their own relative transforms in code.

Before you ask, there is no code whatsoever setting/changing the Root.

Thanks for the taking the time to look at my issue!

Looks like the same issue that had happened to me while trying to attach a static mesh to the character yesterday. The static mesh was “flying around” when i ran around to make sense of where it was, when it was supposed to be at relative location 0,0,0 .

I am not sure what is the issue but it seems Blueprint is having its own relative location settings for the sub objects. You might be able to see the component relative locations having its own values instead of the usual fvector(0,0,0) in the world detail panel. Another thing what i usually do is to set the AttachTo to RootComponent (or scene component), just to be sure.

   ActorBlueprint - 
       Root (SceneComponent) -
         Skeleton (SpriterSkeletonComponent / SceneComponent) -

This is the structure of my blueprint, the Root and Skeleton components are added manually to the Blueprint, while the Sprites are added through the SpriterSkeletonComponents code, hence the reason why they are attached to it.
So attaching the sprites to the Root is not a solution i’m willing to accept, if that were to even fix the issue.

I made a video to showcase the issue.

Looks like a bug. Does removing and re-adding the SpriterSkeleton help? You might have to submit to the bug reports in answer hub to get more love.

No sadly that doesnt help, I have taken your advice and moved my AnswerHub question over to the Bug Reports section, so hopefully this issue will get some more attention.