Setting properties of a blueprint from another blueprint

Hello, I’m kinda new to ue4. I’m trying to wrap my head around blueprints, starting with simple things and I’m already having problems D:

Can I somehow set a new visibility of another blueprint’s component? How do I do that? Even setting a new value for boolean variable would be fine.

I have two blueprints. One of them is character blueprint - it’s holding a sword mesh with visibility set to false by default, the other one is a sword blueprint, surrounded by a collision box - that one is lying around on map, waiting to get picked up.

I want the sword blueprint to set character’s sword visibility to true when player enters collision box and hits E.

I can’t figure out how to access another blueprint’s stuff.

I just figured out how to do the thing I described but thanks for the link! I will certainly watch that.

you would use casts, or communicate through other ways

What you need to understand is Blueprint Communication. This video is pure gold and the minimum you need to know. If you still need more help even after watching the video, feel free to report back! <3