Setting player terminal velocity without a physics volume

I am working on a jetpack feature, but my problem is that the character doesn’t have a terminal velocity without a physics volume.

My project has biome based procedural worlds with no concrete limit as to how many are created, and reach has a radius of about 50,000,000. I can’t add physics volumes as an actor component, so my only real solution that I’ve figured out is to add one massive physics volume box 100,000,000 units in size.

This feels very inefficient. It hasn’t had any visible performance impact but I image it must at some point.

Does anyone have a better solution for a character terminal velocity, regardless of biome gravity level?

Could probably add a mathematical cap to velocity (either by setting your velocity values at a hard cap, or making your jetpack’s force in a given direction inversely proportional to the speed of the character in that direction)