Setting Player Pawn Static Mesh in Widget???

Trying to have my pawn static mesh be changeable by pressing a button on a widget? I have a space ship that is one mesh and another space ship that is another, but will both work on the same physics. I would like to pick my ship before the level starts and use it? I would also like to do this with other items like particle effects for jets or cosmetic things? Ideas? I know there could be a way for the second part with sockets, but havnt figured that out yet either. Thank you for your help.

I suggest you check out this tutorial:
The idea for your system is the following:

You have static information regarding all the different ship, their meshes, all the different weapons, their meshes / particle systems.

These static information can be stored in different Datatables or Blueprints, for the sake of the explanation, we’ll consider you created structures and datatables.

So you have a Datatable that says “Ship_Destroyer, mesh = SK_Destroyer”, “Ship_Shuttle, mesh = SK_Shuttle” (this is simply achieved by creating a structure with two entries: name and skeletal mesh, you might need other entries).

Your widget has a direct reference to your character. You can build your mesh switching logic either in your character or your widget directly (or even somewhere else if you want some multiplayer system kicking in at some point). The idea is the following: the widget generates 1 skin button for each type of ship stored in your datatable and it calls your “switch skin” logic and tells it what skin to switch to by reading the static information you stored.

Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it! Ill check out the tutorial and see if I can give this a go! I feel like its rather simple, but havnt done it before! Thanks again!