Setting max trigger count or deleting triggers

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to make a 2D platform game and I have a series of platforms that crumble after the player stands on them.

I linked some debug script to the BeingOverlap event and even after the platform has been destroyed, the trigger is still active.
I don’t want it to be active, and I can’t destroy the actor.

Also, is it possible to make trigger volumes move? I wasn’t able to attach them to these crumbling platforms. I’d like to make some that move too.



maybe you can toggle active on component.

You should be able to attack the trigger volume to the static mesh when you have it in a blueprint. This way it will keep the world space of the object its attached to.

Thank you both for your replies,
I got things working! :smiley:

Turns out I was using the wrong attach node.
Before I tried using Attach to Actor and Attach to Component and I kept getting error messages.
I tried again with the simple Attach To and it accepted the 2 components.

Bingo, thank you very much!
It worked!
Thank you very much.

Update: If you add a “Do Only Once” node between trigger and whatever you only want done once, that’s another way.