Setting location in parent space

Hello there,
I am currently working on a card/board game hybrid implementation, where I have to spawn some cards and drag them around the screen into preplaced positions. Now, to my problem, I want the cards to be represented as 3d objects (not as render to texture actors in the HUD, to get the parallax effect when moving a card across the screen) which are in some way parented to the camera, so they move relative to the players view. I already managed to create a fairly solid drag and drop mechanic for the card, the problem I am running into is, that this only works in world space.
So I was thinking, if I parent the whole system to the PlayerController at begin play, the objects would move and rotate along with it.
Is there a way to set the location of objects relative to the space of the parent? Like the AddRelativeLocation node but with absolute values? Or am I going the wrong way? Is there another obvious solution I do not see?

Any ideas and tips are very much appreciated.
Thanks a lot.