Setting light vector based on a directional light?

I have a problem with dynamically setting light vector.

In StylizedRendering example scene you have an M_cloud_Solid material with this blueprint fragment:

I’d like to set a lightvector dynamically, based on a direction of a directional light (in StylizedRendering it’s DirectionalLightStationary). How do I do that?
I tried setting it to the getActorLocation of the directional light, but it clearly doesn’t work ~_~

Can you upload a larger image? Can’t see that 1 at all.

Right click on an image -> view image - you’ll be able to see it in 1:1. If that’s not enough: press ctrl and +

But keep in mind that it’s only showing how light vector is being used - I’m looking to find a way to set the light vector based on a directional light.

Thanks but im aware of that, doesn’t change the fact the image is only 180x100px so still can’t see anything.

You should be able to set it based on the actual rotational value of the light, not the location of it since that wont give you anything useful for a directional light since its designed to come from infinite space

Really? I see it has 1014x448px. Here, have a direct link, perhaps it’ll help.

Hm… so rotation vector is what it’s working on? I’ll test it, but it sounds just too easy… if it’s in deed that - I will feel stupid. hehehe