Setting HD1080 Resolution on Shield TV Device?

I’ve been fiddling around with ini files, and device profiles for hours - is there something i’m missing?

My app seems to load at a very low resolution no matter what I do!

Thanks for any help guys - i’m running 4.8


Hi Dannington,

Set up a device profile and set the r.MobileContentScaleFactor to 0 to use native resolution.

Thanks - I’ll be trying this later. I couldn’t actually see where to choose the profile when making the build - all I could choose between was the texture compression modes - I’ll fiddle a bit more later but any pointers would be great (I’m used to making pc builds so far but got a shield tv on the cheap)

Go to Window > Developer Tools > Devices Profile in the editor and click on “Save as Default” to create the DefaultDeviceProfile.ini in your project’s Config directory. You can add CVars like r.MobileContentScaleFactor or edit them for the Android profiles.

Thanks for all the help Chris,

Weird. I can’t really get it to obviously increase in quality - My game is dead simple - think of it like a card game - 20 flat cubes on screen with textures. It just looks so low-res even with the r.MobileContentScaleFactor set to 0 and the MSAA one set to 4.

I’ve also got text on screen using a 3d widget which is also quite low res - I can appreciate that might have it’s texture size reduced in the long list of profile settings but there are some quite simple 2d textures on each card with a logo.

Is there a benefit to running on 4.10?

I’ll keep toying with this.