Setting game resolution for packaged games

When pacaking the game, how can I set the resolution to a desired aspect ratio, windowed or full monitor?.

Hello Endika,

If you’re interested in setting up the resolution for your packaged game, the best way would be to create a blueprint with an execute console command node. You would then use the “setres 800x600” as the command to execute (doesn’t have to be 800x600, you can use any resolution in there). Attach that to a begin play node and place it in your level and you should be good to go from there.

-Max B.

Thats the best way? Shouldn’t there be a config or something?

After checking the samples it looks like something like


in the DefaultEngine.ini should do the trick.


There’s a function call you can use on the code side of things if that’s what you’re looking for:

GSystemResolution.RequestResolutionChange(int InResX, int InResY, bool bInFullScreen)


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