Setting Force along a normal

I am attempting to set a force relative to the normal underneath a vehicle for things such as ground effect and while I have been able to ray-cast to the normal from the vehicle I can not find a method to do so. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi man,
here is the node to add force,

Beware your vehicle should be able to support , the target is a character movement component

The force itself is not the issue, I’ve got that working just fine and have had that working. I’m having issues getting it to align with the normal.

Also note I’m attempting to align it with the normal of the object the ray is being cast to not the vehicle itself, i.e. the ground.

sorry man is not clear XD
you want to add a force aligned with the normal of the ground ?

when using a raycast you can get things like the hit-point but also the normal of impact Break Hit Result | Unreal Engine Documentation
make a doodle about the problem

What I’m working on is basically ground effect for a vehicle, think cushion of air. I’ve managed to ray trace to the normal from the vehicle to the ground but I have not been able to get the force to rotate to that vector i’ll get a screen shot of what I’ve got so far.

I may need to get some closer images but let me know if that makes it clear as mud

closer up view of the raycast specifically

Just realized I should probably include a gif. This is basically my little test/stand in work i’ve got going and can see the way it drops to the ground when it rolls. Ignore the black arrows that’s me attempting some debug indication. Screen capture - 373555b43de13c266eb6d0dcbcda08c6 - Gyazo

Hi man,

I think you just need to add a perfectly vertical force, since the force are world oriented, i think thats just a force (0,0,100) ?

By the way you can alzo mirror vectors, or transform vectors coordinates from local to world, and a lot of stuff.
again if you are stuck, make me a doodle with paint of where you want direction the force XD

Problem is the surface I intend on interacting with won’t always be flat here. I’ve been trying to apply a vector transformation and as you can see (the black arrows in the gif are tied to the forces) It is angling but it seems to just die when the whole thing rolls over.

Hmm seems my issue isn’t the force normal but for some reason rotating the thruster component is stopping the force from working… strange

Though after a bit more testing it may be having an issue still. the Behavior is odd. It seems to work fine in one dirction but differently the other. i don’t know on this one

Nevermind the issue was caused by me putting things in the wrong place. It does seem to stop working when rotating the thrust component though. Easy enough to fix but I wonder why that would cause the issue

Screen capture - 808f5a2a7a65777d3201cd9943d9f4f0 - Gyazo Still “squatting” but not as badly

Well, things apart, i like what you are making XD
keep it up

Thanks, I moved to a set force at local position and just basically created the thruster effect that way which seems to have solved the isssue. Had a little fun with gifs when i got bored after lol. There is a slight “hop” to the turns but that might be due to the abruptness of the key strokes right now. GIFs with Sound Mashups