Setting focus with ai

I am able to make ai’s that focus on the player and shoot/damage them. What I need to figure out is how to get the ai’s to focus on each other. I use SetFocus with Get Player Character in my task. What could I use instead of Get Player Character that could make a blueprint actor be the target? Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

I want to replace Get Player Character with a new focus such as another blueprint. Hopefully this screen shot helps.

So I’ve managed with blueprints to get my AI to attack another AI. The projectiles even kill them. Now my issue is that I am detecting multiple enemies at the same time and so this AI is spawning a projectile for every enemy and shooting them all at once. If anyone could help with this last part it would be incredible. Thanks.

I figured this out a different way. I ended up using behavior trees and blackboard values to find an actor with tag and store it in an array. Hope this helps someone else running into this problem.