Setting different resolution messes up the UI

how do i make my widget so that it will stay the same regardless of the screen resolution? right now it scales up and down weirdly.

hi @bumbumgoesnuts
you have to define what you mean by staty the same , if the screen resolution change.
The proportion of the screen will change too…

Take a look at size box and scale box widget,

and consider that you can also lock the camera aspect ratio !
this will make appear some black areas around or cut some of the view


what i mean by that is i want the widgets to scale down or up instead of going behind or on top of each other when the resolution changes which completely breaks the game.

can u explain a bit more on how to use scale box to fix this? i tried putting everything inside a scale box but it didn’t change anything, or at least I didn’t do it right.

this is what happens right now when i change the resolution.

this is what it should look like

take a look at this,