Setting default parameter values for a C++ GameMode

Until now we had a BP-based GameMode class. There it was easy to set default values for parameters, simply by opening the BP asset in the editor. Now we have switched to a C++ implementation of the same GameMode. However, we can find where to set these default values again.

Any feedback is much appreciated!

In C++ you can set default values within class constructor;
Or you can load it from DataTables, or a DataAsset using its DefaultObject, or even create a new Factory and store default values as custom Assets in Asset Browser.

Sure, maybe my question was a bit confusing. I mean, is it possible to set default values for UPROPERTY’s in a C++ GameMode, somewhere in the UE4 editor, for non-developers?

Simply add UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = “CategoryName”).
When you create a Blueprint subclass of the GameMode, it will be visible and editable in the Class Defaults panel.

Ok thanks, your second sentence is the missing piece of information I was looking for :slight_smile: