Setting default camera without Level BP?

So I know how to set up a camera component for a character within its Blueprint; and how to make a separate actor BP just for the camera, then setting the camera via the Level Blueprint though view target with blend.

But how can I set the Default Camera to the camera Actor BP I made, without using the Level Blueprint. That way I can easily use it across levels?

Would I need to deal with this within MyCharacters Blueprint then cast to the CamerasBP? (If so how exactly, I’m still not clear 100% about casting, or what to put in the “target” pin of the node)
But I wanted to avoid this just for future ideas like when having multiple characters that might need to use different cameras within rooms.
It seems to me that when just having a camera component, View Target With Blend doesn’t really want to work…
(Also my Camera actor is just composed of a springArm and a Camera(Although I guess spring arm really isn’t needed:P))

I tired something like this with no results

Any help or pictures would be appreciated!

Do you think you could elaborate? I can’t seem to get the Target view blend node to work when just having a camera actor?