Setting Custom Thumbnail In Content Browser

Would be lovely if you guys going to adding custom thumbnail option for the content browser, so the developer / user can set his own thumbnail and not from the blueprint thumbnail (it’s kinda small and sometimes I don’t know what that blueprint is at the first look after days - so I have to watch the name first - it can take some seconds if you have much blueprints and stuff there). Hopefully you guys know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if you can replace it with an arbitrary image, but you can go into edit thumbnail mode and reposition the camera to give a better view of the Blueprint asset, Static Mesh asset, etc… This is done by clicking on the View Options menu and selecting “Edit Thumbnails”, then you can left click drag to orbit or right click drag to zoom. Make sure to save the asset afterwards, or it will be forgotten when you close and reopen UE4.

Michael Noland

This only works if there IS a 3D environment. Sometimes there isn’t one and it would still be nice to add a custom thumbnail. For example, one of my blueprints has a billboard so I can identify it in the viewport, but this won’t show in the thumbnail editing.