Setting collison for spline component at spawn

I have a problem when trying to spawn a spline component.

The mesh component is set to have a collision box. Here you can see the problem.
The ball falls right through. It rolls right over the left one. It seems so weird since they’re the same blueprint


Here are two objects of the same blueprint but only the left one have collision.
The left one is placed by me and the right one is spawned by a trigger right before the ball.

The problem with the right one is that only the first initial segment of the spline have collision.

Below is the blueprint to create the spline.

Here is the trigger that spawns the spline that doesn’t works.

Open your mesh in the editor, go to collision complexity and choose “complex collision”.

Hi. Thanks for you answer but that doesn’t work. The ball just keeps falling through.

Figured it out. I had to switch places of the calls to “Set Collision Enabled” & “Set Start and End”. The last two calls in the splinecomponent2.jpg.