Setting collision in blueprint "NOT EVER WORKING"

So at the start of a game i want an object to have no collision at all.

But when i i fire event i want that to change so it has collision and is destructible so i set up this simple node sequence to do that… BUT IT STILL DOESN’T WORK ?

Can anyone explain what i am doing wrong ???

The only blatant thing I can see is

You say at the start of the game you want the object to have no collision but you have assigned it collision on Event BeginPlay?

Your code is saying when this object begins play have collision enabled and set collision type etc…

I’m confused about what you want?

Are you saying it doesn’t add collision on Event BeginPlay? I have a feeling you want to use the OnComponentBeingOverlap? Its a bit backwards to set collision to enabled on spawn as you would just set the collision on by default.

Sorry bad example… treat the event begin play as a custom event which i want to fire later on

Okay and i’m assuming it just doesn’t turn on Collision?

I have not worked with Apex Destructible just yet and don’t know if they hold any differences in behavior.

My first steps would be to check in the static mesh or destructible check that collision is enabled on the mesh. If yes. I would then set your collision back to default settings and see if you have collision.

Just to confirm also you have nothing in the Construction Script?

Double clic on the Static Mesh you are using for your blueprint and make sure you have added collision. Collision => Make Simplified Collision. Save, and try again

Yes you are correct, collision is defiantly enabled on the mesh as well, tried that already. i have a feeling it is a setting with in the mesh when its plugged into the blueprint as a component. nothing in the construction script either.