Setting clock from Realistic Working clock pack to speceific interval

Hey guys,

I need to set the clock from Realistic working clock pack (…ing-clock-pack ) to work in my cinematic from (for example) 16:55 to 17:00. In the clock blueprint there is a setting for real time and fixed time, but I need the clock to hit 17:00 at the specific time in my cinematic. Can someone help me with the code please? Thanks a lot

Make a copy of the clock blueprint. When you open it up, you’ll see the ‘real world time’ macro:


You need to make two new variables. Time ( type datetime ) and set it to 17:55:

and Second ( type timespan ) default value 1 second:

Then change the code to look like this:


  1. I shifted the Inputs node to the left to make some space.

  2. Unplug the Now node and replace it with the Time variable

  3. Get the loopback and plug it into the piece of code that updates the Time variable

Place the clock in the level and set the ‘enable real time’ bool.

That’s it ( worse than it looks ).

EDIT: Sorry default time should look like this:


Thanks a lot man! it works :-). Appreciate your work.