Setting camera target view

Hello, I saw 2 almost similar questions about camera on forum ,both like walking around…but I wanna narrow down to the point.My question is simple ,how can I get the function that was like in UDK “set camera target” when I can just simply switch player view in just a second between multiple cameras.

Have you seen this?

It’s not exactly what I wanna do ,I want to switch cameras (views of player ) The method discribed in your example is about looking at some point , I can achieve this simply by moving camera component of pawn in BP .

Closed! That’s very simple ,atlast I found it

Hey Korben,

Maybe you could post blueprint screenshot, I think this question will be in future, so other people could get it solved thanks to you =)

That’s very very simple , use SetViewTargetWithBlend node , plug GetPlayerController to Target and plug Camera Actor to NewViewTarget which you want to get view of.

Gotta say it is useful , But lets say i made box trigger , so when a player enters the box trigger< via " OnActorBeginOverlap" node > , the default camera changes to the custom camera , but how can i set it up so when the player exits the trigger < via " OnActorEndOverlap " node > the custom camera change to default again ?

I tried the using the “GetPlayerCameraManager” node and pluging it into the “setViewTargetWithBlend” as the new view target , but when the player exits the trigger , the default camera is replaced at the location of the custom camera and no longer follows the player and behaves like before :frowning: .