Setting cable end location in Blueprint

Is there a way to set end location for a cable via Blueprint? I can’t find a function for it. Using cable actor and/or component via Blueprint is overall confusing, it would be great to have proper documentation for it. (See my earlier question about attaching cable to scene components, for example)

Hi mikat,

There is currently not a way to set or change the Cable End Location in blueprints. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Maybe we can come up with a solution.


Is this something that is on the roadmap? What is the overall status of the cable component, is it under active development? I have had some other issues with it as well, like when changing properties of a cable it is swinging quite wildly around before it stabilizes. I can use it to prototype, but can’t use it for a final game.

My use case is the following: I need to be able to spawn a limited number of cables. Their other end is attached to an object that is moving. The other end is attached to static geometry.

My work-around is the following: I added a number of Cable Components to the parent object. In construction script I collect them to an array, and hide them. When I need to spawn a cable, I get an unused cable from the array, toggle visibility, and set the world location of the cable to the destination. In tick for the parent object I update the location.

Cables don’t move smoothly at the moment when their parent is moved. This is probably an execution order related issue, I haven’t looked into it yet. Other than that, this would be an ok solution for me.

Your workaround seems like the best way around the issue at the moment. The Cable Component isn’t currently being worked on but it will likely receive improvements in the future.

open up “Engine\Plugins\Runtime\CableComponent\Source\CableComponent\Classes\CableComponent.h”

find “FVector EndLocation;”

change it’s UPROPERTY(…)
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere,BlueprintReadWrite, Category=“Cable”, Category=“Cable”)

I realize this is a very old thread, but nevertheless …
I’m trying to attach a cable to two actors, each with a connector. I spawn the cable when hovering over the first connector. When I click, the cable actor gets the same world location as that connector (it’s start point). I wish then to set the end point to my mouse cursor (with a trace), so I can freely move the end point of the cable towards the second connector, and then attach it. But since the end point of a cable cannot be set with bluepints, that’s not an option I’m afraid …

Never mind, I just found it myself. I created an actor without a mesh (FollowMe), I attached the end point to that FollowMe actor, and I moved FollowMe around with the trace. Works as a charm!