Setting bThrottleCPUWhenNotForeground for all projects

Hey folks,

I’m pretty new to Unreal development, and I am very confused as to how blueprints work, and how the same variables are apparently referenced between C++ code, the console, and the .ini files.

In the editor, if I change the “Use Less CPU when in the Background” setting, it then adds/removes the following to/from the EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini file:


If I edit that file, then my changes take effect, and this feature is enabled/disabled as expected. However, if I try to modify our DefaultEditor.ini to contain those same lines, then the setting doesn’t seem to be respected.

How, I presume this is because of the object path /Script/UnrealEd.EditorPerProjectUserSettings. However, I am not sure what the right path to use would be in the DefaultEditor.ini file. This way, the default would be to set this thing to false, but allow the user to override this in their local settings.

Failing that, I would also be ok with forcing this thing to always be false. For example, we could hook into an AActor::BeginPlay() event using C++ code, and modify this setting directly (including the use of UWorld::Exec() ). Though, to do this, I have to figure out how to access this setting from the console. In the .ini files, it’s under EditorPerProjectUserSettings. But, according to the C++ docs, it’s in a totally different object: UEditorPerformanceSettings | Unreal Engine Documentation

So, any hints on how to achieve what I want?