Setting brightness / intensity in Blueprint

It seems there’s an inconsistency in the naming convention when going from the properties window to blueprints on this one… just in case anyone else was stuck on this simple issue :slight_smile:

In the properties window, “Intensity” effectively controls the brightness of a light. However, this property is modified by using the “Set brightness” blueprint node. As far as I can see, the only way to get the “brightness” is to get the light’s associated light component, and then get the intensity variable directly (which is marked as readonly, so cannot be set directly).

Thanks for that veggiesaurus.

This is an oversight when we renamed the property from Brightness to Intensity. I’ll add it to our bug database so I can make sure we get that fixed up!

Thank you so much for posting regarding this issue. I was pulling my hair out trying to create a functional flashing lights Blueprint. Thankfully, it’s now working! :slight_smile: