Setting animation as additive according to current Aim Offset. ★

We are a two man team working on a multiplayer FPS arena game.

We have encountered a very annoying issue regarding the setting up a certain animation for our player character.

Basically everything is working correctly except for our weapon switching animations.

All firing animations are correctly blended on top of our aim poses so that the player appears to be shooting exactly in the direction you are currently aiming at.
The same cannot be said for the weapon switching animation which causes the player to ‘reset’ his orientation and NOT follow that of the current aiming direction as when he’s firing.

What could be the cause of this? We’ve tried setting our switching animations to ‘Mesh Blend’ but I didn’t fix it.

We really need our character to perform weapon switching animations according to the current aiming angle/direction, just like when firing.

This video pretty much sums up our issue:

Any help from someone more familiar with UE4 would be greatly appreciated.

Just some guess but do you cache the locomotion? Regarding caching of locomotion and aimoffsets, maybe this tutorial has some ideas for you, the guy also has a rotation trick

What do you mean exactly by cache the locomotion?

If you watch the tutorials from the linked YT channel you will get an thorow explanation. Basically loco caching helps to keep the animations fluid. For instance when aiming into different directions and moving at the same time.