Setting and Getting in same flow causes Blueprint bug?

I have been stuck on this for hours. For some reason it does not like when get a property of an actor reference and set it also.

Please look at the following video and you can clearly see the wires go crazy and link into each other by themselves.

Any thoughts?


maybe create a variable to save actor , and then down the line to get the actorVariable to set your currentTarget reference.

That certainly looks like something weird is going on, we’ll take a look at it, thanks for the info.


In function UK2Node_Variable::DoPinsMatchForReconstruction (line 167).

UK2Node::ERedirectType UK2Node_Variable::DoPinsMatchForReconstruction( const UEdGraphPin* NewPin, int32 NewPinIndex, const UEdGraphPin* OldPin, int32 OldPinIndex ) const 
	const UEdGraphSchema_K2* K2Schema = GetDefault<UEdGraphSchema_K2>();
	if( OldPin->PinType.PinCategory == K2Schema->PC_Exec )
		return Super::DoPinsMatchForReconstruction(NewPin, NewPinIndex, OldPin, OldPinIndex);

	**const bool bCanMatchSelfs = ((OldPin->PinName == K2Schema->PN_Self) == (NewPin->PinName == K2Schema->PN_Self));
	const bool bTheSameDirection = (NewPin->Direction == OldPin->Direction);
	if (bCanMatchSelfs && bTheSameDirection)
		if (K2Schema->ArePinTypesCompatible(NewPin->PinType, OldPin->PinType))
		// Current logic
		// ...

	return ERedirectType_None;