Setting a volume's size from Blueprint - how?

I have a scaled (in Editor) static mesh and a cull distance volume. I need to position volume and set size on it to slightly encompass static mesh.

How can I do that in BP ? (It’s not for runtime, but rather for when I drop BP actor to the level in the Editor and set new static mesh on it)



My immediate reaction is to do it as a child actor:

Although this doesn’t seem to work… ( I can’t see the volume ).


Nah, tried it in 4 and 5, it’s very crashy.

Can cull distance volume be a component inside BP actor ?

Not that I can see… :clown_face:

Ugh… I suppose I am going to have to make my static mesh a component of a BP actor, turn off actor’s tick and use cull distance in the Render settings in Details panel of the static mesh component to make it cull.