Setting a Virtual Texture in the "Draw in virtual texture" section of a Landscape crashes the material

Hello, when I set a VT in the “Draw in Virtual Texture” section of my UE5 landscpae the material that was set on it stops being rendered. To have it back, I must remove the VT, switch to another material, and then switch back to my original material.

I think it’s a UE5.0.3 bug because it works fine on UE4.

I tried setting the “Draw in Virtual Textures” on the Landscape only and on the Landscape + its Chunks. Same crash. I tried with and without a Virtual texture Volume, same thing as well.

Am I the only one ? Does anyone have VT Caching working on its landscape ?

I think I got the same problem with terrain low texture resolution. I checked out a solution for this and then this happened…

For some reason it totally ruined the original material — i.e, not only the Blend Material in itself but also the actual source of the blend. It looks completely awful.