Setting a variable that is on a wheeledVehicle

Hi I am pulling in a sensor reading and passing it from my level blueprint to a widget on my character.
This worked already…but recently I changed my character from a biped “character” to a “wheeledvehicle”.
I get the same error even if I try “cast to wheeledvehicle”.
I’m getting an error (see attached). Any ideas ?


Maybe you can inspect what the “Get Player Character” node returns with a “Print String” node? I’m guessing that it’s not a “Character”, nor a “WheeledVehicle”.

That means your base classes are different…that Racing_Bike is not a player character.

What should I replace the get character player node with. (Its a player on a bicycle)

Hi I solved it - as its not a regular character it needs to be connected as a “player pawn” not as a “player character” and also needs to be cast to the parent class before the blueprint (parent class being wheeled vehicle).
This works now: