Setting a static camera

Hey all, I’ve been having a super frustrating time setting up a static camera.

All I want is a camera that’s out in the world that no one has control over, except maybe the level blueprint.

I’ve tried this:

I’ve tried others similar to that, I’ve read the documentation on it, I did it and none of it is working. Every time I hit play it goes into free floating camera mode and I can select my camera in the world outliner so I know it’s not like I took over the camera and am flying it around or something.
I tried running Set View Target with Blend in the player BP, the level BP, the game mode BP, none of it is working im kinda going nuts.

I also don’t know how to grab a reference to the camera from the game mode blueprint, the context sensitive option isn’t working in there.

Any ideas?

I’m not exactly sure I get what you are trying to do kvick, but the link you posted works fine for me. Here’s a quick video of setting up a static camera.

This should work regardless of the character perspective in your game. I just tried it in first person, which doesn’t make much sense and effectively creates a third person, but hey it works!

If this way is not working for you the only thing I can think of is that you have something in your level or setup that’s causing problems.

Hey I ended up figuring it out, it was because the pawn wasn’t getting possessed at the beginning of the game, what I’m wondering now though is.

Despite me putting function calls to possess the pawn within the blueprints it never worked, only when I changed the field ‘Auto Possess Player’ in the details panel under the pawn’s BP.

Anyone have any idea why trying to call it at begin play wouldn’t work?