Setting a Moving Platform Controllable by the Player

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on this puzzle for the past few days (in the spare minutes that my newborn is sleeping and I’m not) where the player can hop onto a platform, hit a button, and that platform will move in the direction specified by the button until it collides with another object or when the player hits the button to stop it. The directions are up, down, left, and right. Below is a picture of the final function that calls the platform to move in a direction:

I chose to use add actor local offset instead of a timeline or matinee for the platform because the player can choose to stop and start the platform at any time… although in all honesty, I’m not sure if timeline would make it any easier.

My main problem is that the platform will go through any objects I have set up in the level. I can’t seem to get it to detect that it is hitting anything or get any object to stop it from just flying right through it.

Is there a special flag I need to put either on the platform that is moving, or on the objects that should be stopping it? My apologies if this has been answered somewhere else, I couldn’t find anything matching this in a quick search through the documentation/forums.

Tick the sweep option. Should fix your issue.

I’ve tried ticking sweep, but it’s still flying through everything, even a block volume.

Here’s is a screenshot of the collision settings on the piece of geo: