Setting a device profile for pixel xl for daydream project

Hi Guys,
I am trying to make a Daydream project using UE4 and the problem is, I can’t figure out how to set the r.MobileContentScaleFactor. I tried adding r.MobileContentScaleFactor:1.5 to the android profile but it doesn’t seem to work.
Secondly, I feel like the UE4 daydream app that I build is performing very badly. I am building it from the UE4 VR template. FOR Anti Aliasing, MSAA doesn’t help (currently default value, how to set the MSAA scale value?), TAA shows minor visual improvement, FXAA build is bring cooked currently.

*Using Google VR UE4 build 4.14.3, compiled from source.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

I could find very little in the way of documentation as to what to do myself. This is the kind of thing which should be in UE4’s documentation somewhere, but I did manage to find something elsewhere.

Look at this, pay close attention to bonus steps:

I hope this will save someone else time in the future.

I am grateful UE4 exists, but the documentation, guys, come on.