SetTimer and ClearTimer

Hello! i follow a tutorial someone made last year , not sure which version Unreal is using, its on a User Widget,from the event graph, he use the “Set Timer function” from a Event Construct ,here a screenshot:


my version of Unreal is the 4.10.4,the problem is this: i don’t have the “Set Timer” , what i have is "Set Timer by Function Name, that, i pretty sure is the same thing :D…still newbie here, here mine :


But there another thing, he use another function name “ClearTimer” , that again , i don’t have,


The only thing i have is the function “Clear Timer by handle”, which i think its not the same thing at all, here my LAST :wink: screenshot:


Do the function have another name?

And yes…anyone can help me :slight_smile:

Thank you!

What you have is correct.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Your welcome.

Just one more thing, you need to set in a variable the return value of the “Set Timer by Function Name”. Then you need to use that variable in the input “Handle” of the “Clear Time by Handle” function. Otherwise the “Clear Time” will not know which timer it needs to clear.

I thought I might have missed something, Good catch!

Thank for that!

But, still one question , ClearTimer function was replace by Clear Timer by Handle" function over Unreal Version?

“Clear Timer by Handle” replaced “Clear timer”, I think it was around 4.6.

I am using timers to add a delay to a moving platform.

That make sense, the video was upload in 2015, 4.6 was released in December 2014 ,that was probably the version he was using…Thank again !! :slight_smile: