SetText adding spaces for no reason

Hey all,

I’m having a peculiar issue with the SetText node in my UMG. When I set a text box with any word that uses the two letters ‘r’ and ‘g’ next to each other, it adds a space (as shown below).

It **does not **add a space if the ‘r’ and ‘g’ are capitalized.
It does add a space regardless of using a text variable or a string variable.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’d say print the lower-case string, if it appears properly concatenated try a different font to test it out. I’d blame the font itself at this point. Have you tried using the font in text document?

Hey Mookiez,

I’ve performed a quick test and did not notice any issue using the default font. As Everynone stated, it is most likely an issue with the font itself. Give it a shot with the default font, and if you are still experiencing the same issue, please head over to the Answerhub and create a new post in the Bug Reports section so that we can investigate.

Have a great day!

It’s the kerning rules inside your font. You’re going to have to open the source font with a font editor and modify the kerning table until you get the desired results. Also, hopefully this is a ttf font, we support otf, but Freetype doesn’t read the kerning table on otf, so you can run into a similar problem with the lack of kerning.

The problem is indeed caused by the font. Thanks for the quick replies everyone :slight_smile: