setSteeringInput is not working

I have followed this tutorial every second of it very religious upto 9 min.

After 9 min, according to the tutorial we should be able to drive the car straight and turn.

But I am able to only drive straight.

The car doesn’t turn left but come to a stop.

I have also verified that the execution current passes to the setSteeringInput node while debugging.

Can anyone please help in this regard.

Would you mind showing me the Blueprint with screenshots? (: It’s way easier to help you by seeing your actual setup!
And yes, even if you did the Tutorial, i want to see YOUR setup :smiley:

Thanks eXi for your interest.

The following are the screenshots.
Please let me know if you need any more info.


Can you make sure that your “InputAxis right” is working? Use a “Print String” node and plug the “Axis Value” in to the String filed (a small cast block should appear that makes the float to a string).

Then start the game and try to steer left and right. Look what the numbers say.

Also check your Input Settings in the Project Settings. Make sure you have a correctly key applied etc.

I have printed the values and they come up right.
I have also checked Input setting in the project setting and they are fine.

I finally figured it out. I was mentioning the order of bones for the wheels in wrong order.