SetSimulatePhysics doesn't seems to work properly

Hi everyone,
I am having trouble with¨Physics : I’m trying to simulate physics on a StaticMeshComponent, which is the RootComponent of a Pawn. But when I try to AddImpulse to the StaticMeshComponent, I have warnings “Mesh Component” has to have SimulatePhysics Enable to AddImpulse. Then, I tried to SetLinearVelocity. This time, no warnings, but my mesh doesn’t move at all…
I look at the answerhub, and I see that other people have the same problem, but no solution.
Is the Physics bugged ?

You need to set the object you put the impulse for to simulate physics, just like the warning indicates. It’s a setting on meshes and collisions which you can set by either from code or from details panels when the mesh/collision component is active.

If the setting is disabled, it means your mesh doesn’t have collision setup properly and you need to do that before you can simulate it.