"SetReplicateMovement" and "BlueprintUpdateAnimation"

I’m trying to get a player travel on a moving platform in Multiplayer. I attach the player actor to the platform actor ([FONT=courier new]attachTo), and the platform moves [FONT=courier new]onTick. To avoid “jiggling”, I [FONT=courier new]SetReplicateMovement to false on all clients and on server for the actor on the platform.

Everything works great except for the animation of the replicated actor: for some reason the [FONT=courier new]BlueprintUpdateAnimation of the actor’s animation blueprint does not get called anymore on server only. That is: all clients call this function, but the server stops calling it until [FONT=courier new]SetReplicateMovement is set back to true.

I’ve tried calling [FONT=courier new]SetReplicateMovement on server only, on clients only, on locally controlled clients only, to no avail.

…Any ideas?

The default character movement component already attaches you to platforms. But since you are trying it with an event node, you need to also build a custom event that’s set to runOnServer (in the event details panel), and just runs through the same attach code.