SetMouseSensitivity() not working

I’m trying to change mouse sensitivity like this:


But it have no effect at all, no matter what values I use.

Hey Elringus-

How does your character recognize your PlayerInput variable? Could you provide the full code where you’re using PlayerInput? As another solution you can adjust the sensitivity by editing the axis scale in Edit->Project Settings->Engine->Input.


Hi , thank you for the answer!

I’m getting PlayerInput from the PlayerController, like this:


I’ve tried changing mouse sensitivity in the project settings, but it also had no effect:

Just to be more specific: when changing mouse sensitivity I’m expecting mouse cursor (the one, that shows when bShowMouseCursor is set to true) to move faster or slower. Am I doing something wrong maybe?

Hey Elringus-

Setting the sensitivity here will control how the game responds when the mouse moves (ie how much the camera reacts to mouse input in a first person project). When bShowMouseCursor is true the speed of the mouse is related to the mouse sensitivity set for the computer.