SetBind Console Command?

I don’t think it exists as a console command any more.

A possibly workaround would be to create events in the level blueprint and call them from the console by typing:
“ce eventname”

You could combine that with Rama’s Victory Plugin which has functions for rebinding keys:

Unreal Tournament allowed you to bind in-game from the console:
“setbind E switchweapon 4”

I’m not sure I understand this command in UE4.

How would I set “M” to Jump? Instead of “Spacebar” to Jump?

I think you need to use Input Action for that.
It allows you to bind keys to actions, then call those events in Blueprints.
Although it doesn’t work through console commands.

I have my inputs setup. Now how do I change them using SetBind console command?

Spacebar is Jump, how thru console can I change the Spacebar button using SetBind to say M button?