SetActorRotation rotates to different values than what is input

I have a rectangle that I’m rotating in-game by axis. I choose which axis I want it to rotate on (X, Y, Z), and it will add 90 degrees to that axis and leave the other two axis values the same.

Here we have the starting picture before I’ve rotated anything (0 ,0 ,0)

One rotation on X Axis (90, 0, 0)

One rotation on Z Axis (90, 0, 90)

One Rotation on Y Axis (-35, 90, -35)

So I don’t know why it decides to set those to -35. I tried setting it by hand to the same numbers though and it works fine. Also, it’s worth noting that every time it does this, the cube is facing the direction I want it to, but it messes up later rotations.

Here is where I set the rotation in blueprint

Any help or insight would be appreciated, thanks

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