SetActorRotation is not making its work for me

I’ve made a small blueprient to control the camera, so I use “Get Player Pawn” and I change its transform with SetActorLocation and SetActorRotation.

Actor location works like a charm but actor rotation is another store.

Printing the rotation value I get 90 0 0 (the value I forced) but the rotation is still not set to 90 0 0, if I check “Use controller rotation Yaw/Pitch/Roll” in the custom pawn blueprint I print the actual values of the camera but still setting the rotation to 90 0 0 has no effect.

Any tip on this?

It seems like you’re trying to change the rotation of a controlled pawn… for that you need to use the function SetControlRotation on the controller of the pawn.

Post a screenshot.

Thank you @Demeese but it didn’t work neither here is the mandatory screenshot

None of the 3 methods do the work properly

why ‘Last Hit By’?i dont get it

It was auto added by Unreal

GetPlayerController was the droid I was looking for.

Yes, Sorry. Should have clarified further! GetController or GetPlayerController for SetControlRotation