setActorLocation with DataTable

Dear folks,

I’ve got a seemingly simple project:

Got a sphere, and a csv datatable with a list of X, Y, Z coordinates.

I wish to move my sphere through these coordinates. I’ve only used node based programming environments, so I’m looking for a blueprint solution. I could do similar stuff in VVVV, but find it hard to find the solution in UE.

Somehow I should iterate through the dataset,
which nodes would you suggest?
Any1 knows a tutorial for this?

Much much obliged!

Hi, you can import your CSV as Data Table you just need a variable structure with the CSV variables.
If you got the CSV into unreal (Data Table) you can use the data table.
In BP use the “get data table row” after that just set actor world location.
(looping through the rows with number index for example)

So, I created this blueprint (actor class), then dropped it on a cube, and its not moving :frowning:
Also tried adding a static mesh component to the blueprint, but the object is not moving in the viewport either.

(Neither if I want to try moving it with MouseX set to X in SetActorLocation for example)

What could be missing?

have you connected the white execution pins?
also, make sure the last index is set to the number of positions you got and sweeping so it looks smoother.
And you can’t do this on the event tick since it will always start the loop again from the start.
Try it on begin play or on any key so you can trigger it by an input.