SetActorlocation Vs Momentum

Is there a way to stop the movement/momentum of an actor before a SetActorLocation is used? As it is right now, if
the player moves or especially runs into the TriggerBox that teleports (SetActorLocation) them elsewhere, the momentum from them running continues through to the other side. Which is causing issues, considering where they are teleported. If that makes any sense. I just want them to completely stop moving before or after SetActorLocation actually moves them, so they aren’t moving at all when they reappear. The character can move quite fast in my game, so them launching out of the teleporter is, well annoying to say the least. Especially when it allows the player to launch out of the new location they were sent too, or they are alternatively slammed into the ground. Any help would be appreciated.

Please and Thanks. :slight_smile:

Anybody got any ideas? This is still an issue in my game.

Hi Valmont Deimon, first you kill the physics angular and linear velocity, then you move the object:

Should this work with an actor? I tried setting the physics of the capsule component, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Apparently there is a Stop Movement Immediately Node. Worked like a charm. No clue how I never saw it before. Finally I found someone else dealing with a similar issue. And thank goodness, issue has been bugging me for way to long. Thanks for your assistance. I’m sure those physics nodes will still come in handy at some point.

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