SetActorLocation "Teleport" Checkbox should also have option to "Disable Motion Blur On Teleport"

In my opinion, I think that if an object is *teleporting *to a new location, why would we want a blur to the location it went to? A true teleport should not have *any *motion blur.

In my usage case, I have a grid system with a grid object following my cursor, snapping to grid points. On snap, with or without teleport, the object teleports
rapidly and blurs as if the object was in motion but its velocity is supposedly unchanged. I do not want to disable Motion Blur for my entire scene, just for anything that uses teleport. If this already exists, please inform me below, but I have done solid googling and there is no simple solution.

Side note: Does UE not base its object motion blur off velocity? If so, why does teleport trigger a velocity change? The point of TP is to keep the physics state the same so I can’t imagine this is the case.

I have a similar problem with bullets. I created a pool buffer of spawned bullets. When a gun fires a bullet there is a blur in front of a gun, because bullets are taken from the buffer and teleported to the fire position. I can’t find a way to prevent this blur.

I wish I could say I found a solution to this :/. I ended up just disabling motion blur entirely for the time being.