SetActorEnableCollision BP bug: Not disabling collision

So I’m trying to disable an actors collision using the ActorOnClicked event, however when setting SetActorEnableCollision to false there is absolutely no change. It works as expected when doing the opposite, setting the static mesh to IgnoreOnlyPawn and enabling collision in the event. I also tried doing the same in C++ and it worked too. Using the BP only the mouse cursor ignores the static mesh, but the Character is still colliding with it like nothing happened. Is it due to wrong use or is a 2015 bug having a comeback?

I tried it using a TopDown project and huge actors to be absolutely sure


I tried it a couple of times, always creating a new project and it worked once. Other times it didn’t, although I was following the same steps.

I call bug, but it depends on the height of the actor. The SetActorEnableCollision should be enough already, the other two are unnecessary. Just create such a block and adjust its height. Once it’s above the characters hips the collision will be disabled properly. If it’s at calves level it will still collide.