Set your configuration in the status tray ... What do they mean ?

Hello ! I’m trying to set up VS Code for UE5.
I’m following the official guide Setting Up Visual Studio Code for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation
In “Setting Up IntelliSense for VS Code section” , am stuck at step 5 which says " 1. Set your configuration in the status tray to match the name of your configuration in c_cpp_properties.json."
They forgot to tell us which status stray I have to fill, and what is a name of a configuration ? Allan ? Peter ? They gave no example, that’s really not clear.
I did all previous steps.
Does anyone have the solution ?


Yeah that’s not fun for me either, did you make it after all?

I think they mean this

Thanks. i made it but Point 6 anyway didn’t work)