set 'y size' of grid panel?


I simply wish to adjust the ‘y size’ value of my grid panel using nodes. I have a reference to my gridPanel and i just need some nodes to take its current y size value and add on a specified amount. (and i dont want scale, just size)

anyone know yo?
thanks, Shamoo

i guess is not possible in blueprints…

It probably is, you just haven’t provided any information :slight_smile:

What it a grid panel? How have you made it so far?

Any pics?

You can wrap your GridPanel with Sizebox:

and set the Height in the following way:


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If you put the grid panel in a Canvas, you don’t even need a sizebox. And if make the grid the root of the widget, you can have the viewport set the widget size directly upon creation.


so I have my grid panel along with two other panels inside a canvas panel. So how do you I make the viewport set the widget size?

i will try out that scale box height override method. Although when i increased this value manually i thought i would see the dimensions change in editor?

i appreciate all your help!

this works nicely mate thanks. For some reason the splines i have that get generated in the page suddenly dissappear when i scroll down. But the node buttons i added are all there when i scroll down :slight_smile: