Set World Origin for an Endless Runner game.

I’m doing an endless driving game and recently found that there was a limit on how large the level could be (I only noticed because physics simulations stopped working). I’ve found this function: “Set World Origin Location” and made a function that calls it when the last road piece in my endlessly spawning straight road reaches a set X-axis world location value.

I do this check on tick. It works satisfactorily the first time but the next it never updates the location of the actor (default scene root) I’m using to reset the world orgin to. Instead it then updates the world orgin every tick, because the branch is satisfied every time it’s called.

I found this thread on Unreal Answers that seems to describe a little bit what I’m talking about, but I wasn’t able to find any pointers as to what to do next.

Does anyone know a way I can implement this successfully? Or perhaps suggest another way that I can make my road endless (I’m using flaoting pawn movement components and physics occasionally). I’m using blueprint exclusively as I’m unable to edit the engine.

Thanks in advance.